Harding Advanced Functions and Modeling

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2nd Block AFM


Khan Academy Leaderboard:

1.) Demetrius McGill--98,200

2.) Trevon Cornwell--90,025

3.) Jose Duarte--89,125

Khan Academy Class Energy Points

Week 8





Week 7






Week 6

Monday, February 23rd

Google Chrome Cart

Khan Academy Levels

Tuesday, February 24th

Wednesday, February 25th

Thursday, February 26th

Friday, February 27th

Week 5

Monday, February 16th
Teacher Workday

Tuesday, February 17th
Snow Day

Wednesday, February 18th
Snow Day--Teacher Workday

Thursday, February 19th
Binomial Distribution Notes
Classwork #8
Binomial Distribution HW

Friday, February 20th
Binomial Distribution Practice WS

Week 4

Monday, February 9th

Khan Academy

--Finish Last weeks graded Khans

--75% (K-2, 3rd, 4th)

Tuesday, February 10th

Conditional Probability Notes

Khan (75%) and/or  Conditional Prob. HW (WS)

Wednesday, February 11th

Review Probability

Extra Practice Problems Packet

Thursday, February 12th

Unit 1 Quiz 1 (Open Note)

Friday, February 13th

Teacher Workday

Week 3

Monday,  February 2nd

Media Center

Finish any missing work (Classworks)

Khan Academy

75% on k-2nd, 75% on 3rd



Tuesday, February 3rd

Permutation with Repitition Notes

Probability (Begin) Notes

Classwork #4 --Pg P31   1,2,6,9-20

Wednesday, February 4th

Circular Permutation Notes

Probability (Cont'd) Notes

Classwork #5 (WS)

Thursday, February 5th

Media Center

Khan Academy

--Sample Spaces for Compound Events

--Probability Space

--Finding Probability

--Probability Models

Friday, February 6th

Unit 1 Mini Test #1

Week 2

Monday, January 26th

Permutations, Combinations & Counting Principle Notes

Classwork #2

Tuesday, January 27th

Media Center

Khan Academy

1.) Click on Name, Profile, Coaches, Enter Class Code: RGGRWN

2.) Click on Name (Top right), Settings, Real Name (Last Name First Name)

3.) Subjects-->K-2-->Get Started

Wednesday, January 28th

Media Center

Khan Academy

--Once you reach 75% on K-2nd, let Ms. G know so you get a 100% for that section!

--Once Ms. G checks, move on to 3rd grade.

Thursday, January 29th

Media Center

Khan Academy

--75% on K-2--Let G know

--75% on 3rd--Let G know

CW #3/HW #1 -- Due by midnight Friday

Friday, January 30th

Finishing Khan--K-2 & 3  (75%)

CW #3/HW #1 -- Due by midnight Friday

Week 1

Wednesday, January 21st (Begin Q3)


Student Form


Teams for next week--Design Door

Thursday, January 22nd

Review Procedures

Factorial Notes

Classwork #1

Create Khan Academy Log-in

Friday, January 23rd

Teacher Workday