Harding Advanced Functions and Modeling

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Welcome to the Harding University High School Advanced Functions and Modeling website!

It doesn’t matter who you used to be; what matters is who you decide to be today. You are not your mistakes. You are not your mishaps. You are not your past. You are not your wounds. You can decide differently today and at every moment. Remember that. You are offered a new opportunity with each breath to think, choose, decide and act differently in a way that supports you in being all that you are capable of being. You are not less than. You are enough.— Unknown
Bell Schedule:

7:15a-8:45a        1st Block

8:52a-10:17a      2nd  Block

10:24a-12:47p    3rd Block

                    A Lunch: 10:34a-11:04a
                    B Lunch: 11:20a-11:50a
                    C Lunch: 12:10p-12:40p

12:47a-2:15p      4th Block
Grading Scale:

93-100       A
85-92         B
77-84         C
70-76         D
Below 70    F